This Week in CRIPDES San Vicente…

Each Monday the CRIPDES San Vicente team meets to touch base on events and activities of each of the 5 organizers.  As often as internet and time allow, I will be posting weekly updates with highlights of some activities CRIPDES is currently involved in.  These are not necessarily directly part of Sister Cities’ work, but because Sister Cities supports the work of CRIPDES, we at Sister Cities are indirectly supporting these activities and more:

The CRIPDES San Vicente team is down one organizer; Rosaura, who was one of the two youth organizers on staff, took a position with the mayor’s office last week, leaving an open position here at CRIPDES.  The team has posted the job opening and will be reviewing resumes the first week of March.

The communities of Las Achotes, El Socorro, Bethanio 1, Bethanio 2, and La Florida have been in the midst of a heated struggle to secure potable water for over 2 months now.  The communities receive water from a spring located up the mountain that is filtered and then directed to the five communities.  The system is managed collectively by the communities; however, due to mismanagement, water has not been arriving to the lower communities.  The coordinators of CRIPDES along with the community councils facilitated a visit with an engineer last week that revealed contamination of the water due to lack of upkeep, as well as some structural issues.  Representatives from these communities are currently working to improve the management of the system and resolving the issue of funding in order to repair the current problems.

Last Friday was the first of a series of trainings offered to 15 young women on the topic of Self Esteem and Leadership.  5 women attended the first training, held at the CORDES office in El Playon, with hopes for full attendance of 15 women at the following trainings, which will continue until March 22nd.

Last week CRIPDES enjoyed a visit from two representatives of the Spanish organization  Pro Clave Betica, one of the many international organizations that supports organizational and developmental projects in the area.  Their projects include high school scholarships, support to artistic groups made up of youth in the area, and other projects that provide opportunities for formation and diversion for youth in the region of San Vicente.

Last Wednesday CRIPDES hosted the first assembly for high school scholarship recipients of 2013, funded by US-El Salvador Sister Cities and the SHARE Foundation.  43 students, most accompanied by a parent, came to receive their first installment of this year’s scholarship, and to learn about the commitment expected of them as young leaders.   These students will attend monthly assemblies, each with a different theme.  The next assembly, to be held on March 1, will be hosted by youth leaders of the organization MPR-12, who train the students in youth leadership.


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